Saturday, November 14, 2009

some bits from my home.....

Well, the plan was to show you all of the wonderful artists that have really transformed this house into our perfect little home......but a temperamental computer is not allowing it to be so at this time. drats.
So let's just call this a lovely little teaser for what hopes to be a more successful post later on the week. (and Beth...I managed to paint the stairwell just for you, so hopefully I can show off your lovely painting next time!)

I have been wanting one of Amanda Blake's paintings for such a long time, that I finally splurged a few months back and bought this lovely little piece. I was so happy with her, that I painted the dining room wall over and bought some shiny yellow paint to "dress" up this little dresser.
(the little blue shoes were my own when I was a little baby living in Iran). It's funny how something so small can affect everything around it....(or maybe it gave me the right "excuse" needed to give myself permission to make all of those changes!)

In my hallway hangs a bag that has taken a rest from it's many a walk with me during the hot summer days and become more of a visual companion as I walk about the house.
My friend Ruby makes such lovely things, and to have one of her bags adorning this door makes for a beautiful way to start the day as I come downstairs. ( I have a feeling she will remain their until that time comes again when I can take the flip flops out and whisk her away to a perfect little beach somewhere.....)

Oh how much I wanted to show you more, but for now let me at least give you this little introduction. The art of collecting pieces you love may take time, but what eventually emerges is so worth the wait. Our house is starting to look more and more like us, and I owe much of it to all of the lovely people I have met since beginning this journey with mummysam. I am feeling more inspired as the collection grows, and cannot wait to see how our house will continue to evolve (that includes wall colours.....I have a bit of a problem in that area, as the kitchen has already been painted over three times in the last 2 years....yeah, just a wee bit of a problem.....)

what things make your home yours?


Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

I definitely feel like it's taken a long time to get half-way close to a home that's mine. I changed chairs in the dining room three or four times before finding THE ones. I think for me it's finding pieces that have meaning and not the contemporary junk that seems to be floating around in furniture stores. I also have tons of artwork from friends and other talented artists.

I laughed about your kitchen walls...I painted our bedroom three times before feeling good about it and sometimes I still think about repainting. For an unknown reason, I am a horrible paint-color picker, but Jake is great at it :)

tangled sky studio said...

haha! i'm a painter too and i love the impact changing a wall color can make (and i too own a sweet little piece by amanda blake and do in fact do things (like change decor) to honor it...and painting the dresser (or a bed or a bookcase) has in fact taken place in my household as well...two peas in a pod i think my on-line friend.


sammi said...

ahh, what lovely answers!!!
we seem to all be very like-minded.....(which helps me defend my needs to change things about when my husband looks perplexed!)