Tuesday, November 24, 2009

see you in a bit.....

...the boys and I have been ever so busy the past couple of days getting ready to celebrate
someone's 40th birthday tomorrow. (and the poor guy is trying desperately not to hear the many a slip up of what we have planned tomorrow..."daddy, we didn't bake you something yummy today.....daddy, we were working on a 'oops' (hands suddenly cover their mouths as they run giggling away)......mummy, could we just tell him the one part?.....)
We are so close, and I am crossing every finger I have in hopes that we can finally accomplish the task of keeping everything a surprise tomorrow. Thank goodness they are now asleep, and I can take a big sigh of relief. We have some celebrating to do early in the morning before big A gets on the bus for school, and in between the celebrations will be plenty of baking and stewing as we get ready for Thanksgiving the following day. (The boys have already asked if they can just have the gravy in a drinking cup...ugh, that just makes my stomach so unhappy thinking about that....)

Here's wishing everyone a delicious few days of feasting galore! (sans gravy sippy cups)
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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tangled sky studio said...

love the photo! hope your "surprises" are loads of fun for all involved. after laughing lots at "home for the holidays" we are looki ng forward to a quiet (but yummy) thanksgiving.

see you after the long weekend friend,