Sunday, November 15, 2009

as I sip my own coffee.......

it's only 7:30 p.m., and the boys have been down for a good hour already. One would think this should be the ideal night to take advantage of a good stretch to work, instead I just sit on the couch with my almost empty cup of "motivational" coffee unable to get myself going. I call my mum in hopes that a quick conversation would help wake me up. We talk a bit about our work, and then I make my way in to the office to see the new painting she has posted in her shop.

....that's when I wake up.

It's beautiful.
I don't care if she said she wasn't ready to be talked about yet. It's time. She's too bloody talented to let this go any longer. Apparently the motivation had a different purpose tonight....
because I am more awake than ever and ever so "motivated" to talk about her.

Please join me in welcoming my mum in her well overdue return to oil painting. She was a fashion forward painter in England long before my sister and I were born (she even got to chase the Beetles down the beach for a movie.........), and continued to ooze out her creativity while raising my sister and I. Melting crayons onto paper plates, "fixing" many a horrible satellite sculpture in elementary school, and playing around with portrait paintings for art college ( i'll never forget taking that one into class and hearing, "you have finally mastered directional strokes". Lucky for me that was the final project for that class....otherwise it would have been pretty obvious some "help" was involved...) became a way for her to keep art close to her side while pursuing the demands of raising a family.

With us girls now grown-up and trying to do the same with our own kids, she has had time to catch her breath and dig back in. If you don't mind joining me in sending some motivation her way, please visit her blog and shout out a big hello!

Mum, I know you wanted me to wait to until you were ready, but you already are.
Your work is absolutely beautiful, and you deserve to be shown off now! You may not be spending any more late nights in the kitchen trying to redraw a very sad looking Christopher Columbus paper figure in an even sadder diorama, but you are still there over the phone giving me reassuring feedback as I call you desperately to help me fix many a pattern or drawing.

I would not be doing any of this if it weren't for you, and with all of the support you have shown me throughout the years, I think it's time to reverse the roles a bit, don't you?

so, without further ado....

welcome back !!!!!


Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences and introducing me to your mother. You are quite a talented family. Ah, to have such memories.

I immediately went to your mum's blog and shop and left a comment and yes,......I bought the coffee painting...just as it posted on Etsy. Thank you, again. This painting reminds me of so many fond memories. I will display it proudly....maybe next to my Mummysam. I bought your lady with the red glasses and her little house. Congrats on all your successes with your upcoming book and fabric line, and for being such a grateful, wonderful daughter that appreciates her mum.

sammi said...

thanks so much for such a lovely truly made my mum's day, and I hope you enjoy the piece. (I have to admit, I really really wanted that one....and my subtle hints to her didn't quite work!)

cathy gaubert said...

oh wow. such lovely words about your mum. i'm off to see her blog right now...well, actually in a moment; i have a quick "thank you" call to make to my own mom! :)
p.s. i do talk to my mom every day, but why wait when i am all warm + fuzzy right now?!