Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it's official....

It's official! I now have a proper site, and cannot thank Lizzie Sorensen enough for helping me put it all together. (she also did my friend Ruby's site as well....)
It's simple and perfect. I just absolutely love how it turned out, and am even more happy that Lizzie was so wonderful to work with.

I am very excited to announce that Lizzie is extending a promotion to all of my blog readers out there who may be interested in a site of their own. Simply e-mail Lizzie by 10/31, and receive a 10% discount off of a "Best Face Forward" web-site.

Oh, and please take a moment to pop by for a visit!


tangled sky studio said...

this is so funny...i have spent the past two days checking out different ways to set up a website! thanks for the info (great timing!)


leah said...

looks great!

sammi said...

thanks guys!
beth....she was so easy to work with. We were able to hammer it out very quickly :)

leah....I am a knitting mad woman thanks to you (only problem is I reach the end and then don't know what to do...hmmmm)

Lizzie Sorensen said...

thank you for the complimemts! you are an excellent client!

Elk√ę (age 2) loves the bird photo. She burst out with a laugh when I showed it to her.

Colorsonmymind said...

I absolutely love it! And your illustration/buttons are beyond yummy!