Monday, October 5, 2009


whew! You should have seen my studio after months of intense book writing.
It was getting quite claustrophobic, to a point where more time was probably spent looking for something than actually working. I have a tendency to be organized in my own sort of "unorganized" way, like knowing that all of my pattern corrections were jotted down on the back of an old flyer for a neighborhood garage sale in big A's bright orange marker, and with that can come many an agonizing moment when it's not where I last put it.

It was time to start fresh. With the book all written, I needed to re-focus and get myself ready for the next big project. No more piles of crushed up patterns gone bad, no more stray cups of coffee that were almost finished, and no more precariously balanced ten foot stacks of books.
It feels good. I feel refreshed and I am ready to go.

Question is, how long will this last until those coffee cups start piling up again?


Leililaloo said...

You talking about me? Whish you al the luck in the world keeping things fresh! I know how hard that is.. But on the other hand where does the best creativity spring from? I think generally not from a well organized clean and fresh craft room. I think the best stuff comes from from the biggest chaos. So just keep the piles of coffee commin i'd say :)))

Leililaloo said...

piles of coffee cups offcourse

sammi said...

so good to know I have other like me around....and, well the coffee cups have started to pile up already. That didn't take very long!