Thursday, October 1, 2009

little would you know....

little would you know looking at this picture that:

1. I am cursed with the "British" chin, meaning that I have no chin. It's all one straight line from the chin to the base of the neck. Thank goodness this asset of mine wasn't passed on to our boys...little do they know how lucky they are right now....
(I instantly go back to my childhood of family snapshots....everyone smiled unnaturally as my mum sang ,"remember to stick those chins out!" )

2. My left front tooth is a dreadful reminder that I drink too much tea....I am anticipating the dentist's disapproval next week.

3. My hair has not been cut for two years (aside from the hastily chopped bangs that get swooped to the side to hide the unevenness of my shaky hand.) I believe the last time I had a trim was when my mum came for a visit and had to use the kitchen shears. (apparently little M's preschool scissors aren't made for cutting hair)

4. The bags under my eyes are making a grand appearance from many a late night trying to wrap up the book. (and thankfully the fifth time was the charm! thank goodness for that....)

I really could not have done this myself. When approached to get an appropriate picture for the back of my book, I knew instantly upon meeting Thea that she would have to do it (regardless of whether she knew it or not!) Within minutes of meeting the trendy looking mum in chartreuse, we discovered a shared interest in the arts. Finding out she was a photographer was icing on the cake, and within seconds I found myself asking her to do my portrait. One quick session later, here it is, and I love it.

Although we have only known each other for a couple of weeks, it was an instant connection that I think we both really have someone physically close that you can actually meet for a coffee to chat about art is something I really look forward to doing many times over this year.

And besides, anyone that can hide that chin of mine is worth keeping close for years to come :)

thanks so much Thea!!


thea said...
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Colorsonmymind said...

drats...that was my deleted comment-left with the silly personal blogger id-where I haven't written for ages.

Oh Yipee Sam! I am so glad you chose this one. You are absolutely lovely, and if possible even funnier and more charming in person than on your blog.

I am so so happy we have connected. I look forward to many more afternoons of tea and laughter...maybe even more photos;)

Cary Walker said...

lovely! looks so great;)

i have no chin either. didn't know it was a "British" thing!?

Melissa Crowe said...

You are absolutely adorable.

tangled sky studio said...

gorgeous lady! congrats on wrapping things up...i'm eagerly awaiting a peek at your new best seller!


sammi said...

what a response!!! thank you all so much for making me feel so is still a bit strange to post pictures of myself, but Thea did such a wonderful job that I couldn't resist!

leah said...

so beautiful. congratulations on getting the book finished. look forward to seeing you later this week.

cathy gaubert said...

well, i think that you are absolutely lovely! i cannot wait for your book, and i just discovered that you will have a line of fabirc!!!!! i must begin saving my pennies now. :)