Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the evolution of the "nature" walk.....

Little M is still sick, and mummy is starting to feel a bit caged in. I feel gross and the house has taken on that sickly smell that was making me yearn for a bit of fresh air....I desperately needed a walk outside, but my idea to do so wasn't looking very hopeful. With the little one completely content in his stroller all wrapped up in 12 feet of quilts, I headed out the door only to look back and see a defiant 6 year old determined to make this idea of mine exactly that....an idea. Going to the forest to look for leaves and sticks to collect no longer appealed to his interests, and the idea of trampsing through leaves in search of dinosaur bones (i.e. big sticks) was apparently "not something I do anymore. I am now six".
Despite the fact that this 40 pound noodle still laid heavily upon the front doorstep, I was determined to go. I had to do this. I needed it. My sanity was at stake and it was going to happen.

mummy: "just walk with us to the park. If you are not interested when we get there, then we can turn right back"

big A: "fine, but just so you know we will be turning right back when we get there"

After a very long half-block walk to the park, we made it. I had already resided in the fact that we would immediately be returning when I looked over my shoulder and saw my savior: rock monster. After being taken carefully out of his pocket and placed upon a log, we took a picture. Then another. And then another. We were suddenly immersed in a mission to find all of rock monster's cave hideouts.

Thirty minutes later, we were on our way home. As I talked about the beautiful leaves that I had seen in the park, he talked about the all the awesome caves that rock monster used in his important missions. Our nature walks have evolved. Leaves and rocks have apparently been replaced with leaves and rock monsters.


Colorsonmymind said...
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Colorsonmymind said...

I like the combination of determination and fluidity that you have in this story, and the pics of rock man are great:)


ps the delete was me