Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thank you everyone!

thank you so much everyone for submitting a comment on the giveaway! (for those who haven't yet, you still have until midnight....)
It's been a very busy week in this household, and with another upcoming deadline for the book comes a few more really late nights of drawing and stitching. We have also sent our eldest to first grade, and having him gone all day has been quite an adjustment for me... (not to mention dealing with a very tired soul when he gets off the bus. He was fast asleep by 6pm without as much of a little peep until the following morning..."I have to do that everyday? " )

As much as the book has been filling up the majority of my time, I have managed to sneak away and experiment a little bit more with the embroidery hoops. I really enjoyed making this one last night, and can definitely see the yearnings for fall popping up in my work. How excited I am to start rising dough on my warm radiators again! I am really excited about this one, and plan on adding her to the shop later on...

See you back tomorrow to announce the winner!

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tangled sky studio said...

I see baking bread in the near future for me as well....this is a fabulous image! Best of luck as your deadlines approach...

(...ok, maybe it's a bit much but we all need to know someone's cheering for us) i wish you a productive week and the time to fill your house with the yummy smell of fresh baked bread.