Tuesday, September 29, 2009


it was the last project left to make for the book....I was almost there.


it just won't turn out right.

::drats. (if you listen carefully you can hear the crumpled paper fly into the rubbish bin)

let's start again....this time I know it will work.

::drats. (now you don't have to listen so hard. I believe I am crumpling the paper with a bit more vigor this time... it misses the rubbish bin.)

alright, take a deep breath and remember what your college professor said, "for every 5 bad paintings there is one great one". it's o.k. I am only at attempt number four....

::drats. (paper now "mysteriously" gets thrown against the wall.)

send the husband on a quick errand to get some coffee. I can do this. just give it one more try.....

(.....to be continued.....)


tangled sky studio said...

here's hoping the 5th time's a charm...i hate deadlines and the creativity crushing pressure they impose.

you can do this (rah! rah!)


Danita said...

Don't give up! It's only one project.. you can do it girl!

sammi said...

thank you both....I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that at midnight last night...thanks for the wonderful push!