Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a day in the life of a four year old.....

oh my, did my little one just turn four?

....did he insist on going to the fair for the day to celebrate?

did he declare his bravery at wanting to ride the ferris wheel? ( "I am the bravest boy mummy. I won't get scared. i'll just say it is fine.")

did he "help" make his cake and squeal when I gave in and let him lick the bowl?

did his eyes pop wide open when we told him he was officially now four?


am I crying because my littlest one is now four?

It goes ever so fast.(little sis, snuggle those little sleeper wearing babies as much as you can....before you know it you will be pouring buckets of tears when you give away your last sleeper. trust me. That was a big "my baby no longer looks like a baby anymore" moment for me.) Four was such a big age with my eldest, and to see it happening with my "baby" is much harder than I anticipated. He's my little guy. My baby. I had the tendency to hold onto things longer with him because I knew from his older brother just how fast everything was going to happen.

And now you are four. Slow down! Let me still pick you up to carry you downstairs in the morning. Let me still give you kisses to make things better. Let me help you put your shoes on before going outside to play. Let me offer my leg to grasp onto when I drop you off at school. Let me do all those things as long as you will let me, because I know. I know that soon you will want to tie those shoes by yourself. Soon you will let go of my leg and go running with excitement to catch the bus. Soon you will be just that much older.

Can we just hold onto four a bit longer this time?

happy, happy birthday little M.
love, mum


Cary Walker said...

Oh made me cry! My youngest turns four next month and I feel those things EXACTLY!!

sammi said...

I am still emotional!! (and it's been a week since his birthday....have a feeling I will be feeling this way for a while!)