Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"it's for research"....

I will admit it....once the book deal became official, then I gave myself the green light to use, "it's for research" as a necessary explanation for a sudden increase in trips to the bookstore. After all, how am I supposed to write this future Nobel Prize piece without the proper preparations?
What began as a few books scattered at the base of my feet soon turned into a 40" tall wobbly skyscraper of materials. (And how do I always find myself needing the book second from the bottom? Better yet, there is the fact that the books are actually resting against a bookcase.....my organizational skills are still in need of some adjusting.)

Diving into these books, both new and old, has allowed me to go from a place of complete insecurity about thinking I could even do a book to a more confident writer who is getting so anxious to share it with all of you. Many a late night has been spent spreading these books all over the floor, with particular pages either dog-eared or secured open with the weight of anything that will keep them open (coffee cups and monster trucks work very well). They are laid out, ready to visit as I go back and forth between sewing, writing, and drawing. And as the book continues to find it's way, so will more and more books start filling the remaining spaces on the floor.

As much I would like to state that I will eventually move the pile of books into a proper place, those who know me can confidently say that will never happen....but I do know that when my own book is finished, I won't be putting it second to the bottom.

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