Thursday, August 27, 2009

if I can manage it.....

how do you write a pattern you say? well quite frankly, I haven't a clue.
After the week of elation after getting a book deal was over, reality sunk in. Sure, I have way too many beautiful project books to look at in my studio, and you'd think whipping up a pattern of my own would be a cinch. The only problem is that I have never actually done any of them. I am one of those "buy it because you like that color on that word on page 10", or "oh I must use that funny looking stitch on that one doll in the back of the book, so I better buy it before I forget that" type of people. I love buying books to inspire me, but the thought of actually following a book pattern was a bit overwhelming.
I am a self taught fiber artist, which basically came about after one day noticing that if I turned a couple of dials to zero on my mum's old machine, I could draw with thread. Through many a trial and error, I came up with a method that worked for me. Patterns were never drawn up, but rather every piece made on a "let it go where it takes you" type of approach. Being asked to draw up some patterns and write out some instructions was a scary proposition, and soon sent me on a whirlwind of trips to the bookstore and library in an attempt to figure it all out.

Looking back, I made the process much bigger than it really had to be. I panicked, insecurities set in, and many a night ensued of pure doubt that I could accomplish this project. I finally had to just take a deep breath and remind myself that I could do it. If I broke it up into smaller steps, then maybe it wouldn't be such a scary adventure. By just simply writing it down as I would understand it really helped get the ball rolling. Instead of using books as the "how-to" to get things started, they soon took on the role of being a reference guide. If I didn't quite know how to explain a certain step, the reference guides enabled me to take the information I needed and move on. They guided me through the process, and also taught me some new information on the way. After a couple of patterns were "hashed" out, I started to see the rhythm. A rhythm that not only allowed me to express myself as an artist, but also a rhythm that allowed me to do it with confidence. I had the work, but now I have the words to go with it.
I did it. I am proud...and if I can manage to do this, maybe you can too.


Melissa Crowe said...

Hooray! I knew you could do it!

Cary Walker said...

oh, pattern making is the hardest thing from me. i am much more of a "cut and figure it out as you go" sort of person. at least you have the advantage of being able to draw! i'm not much beyond stick figures sadly:(

so glad it is starting to work itself out for you. i know it's going to be brilliant and i will read it cover to cover:)

sammi said...

thank you ladies :)