Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tag! you're it!

Oh my dears, it has been a very busy week........with two big projects completed, I thought i'd "re-introduce" myself after being away for some time.

I was tagged by pilli pilli handmade to state 7 random things about myself.
here we go.....

1. I only take baths... The thought of a shower just makes me cringe

2. I love to read short stories, as my attention span has never allowed me to read anything from front to back. I can't tell you how lovely it feels to read chapter 7 first. I can bounce back and forth as I please, and I love it.

3. my biggest annoyance: walking through wet grass in sandals first thing in the morning. uck.

4. for some reason, I have the amazing ability to clean the house yet still leave empty (or partially empty) tea mugs scattered about the house. The table will get wiped. I see the tea mug. I plan to pick up the tea mug. Next morning, the hubby points out the tea mug still sitting there (along with the two on my desk, the one next to the bathroom sink.....)

5. I love looking at the back of my boys' necks....I could stare at them for hours...

6. I must walk with my big toes raised, as I wear holes through my socks and shoes in record time.

7. My idea of being "organized" is to take a basket full of "who knows where to put these" toy pieces, cover them up with some paper, pile a bunch of socks on top, and take pride in the fact that I just created a brand new sock drawer.

so, there you have it.....some bit and pieces of my life that I am sure will all make your lives now much more complete :)

happy weekend !

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Lovermore said...

I love looking at the back of my son's neck as well. Funny!