Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I want to stop but I can't"

With the little one away at school this morning, big A and I decided to do one of our favourite things together : ink. We have only done this a few times so far, and he is already much more confident with the material than I am. Dipping, drawing, wiping..... his little hand makes the most amazing pictures. I found myself looking over at him and being envious of how at ease he was, with no worries about how the next line was going to turn out. At one point he looked up at me and said (with extreme frustration in his face), "mum....I want to stop, but I just can't". He then looked down and kept working until we had to tear ourselves away and run outside for the bus.

he's my little artist, and I just love having that connection with him.
(yes, little are an artist too. It just happens that big A's preferred material is paper, whereas yours is the dining room wall, chairs, floor, can do ink next time)


tangled sky studio said...

Life is these moments...when your swells up really big and you feel all is right with the world...i wish that more often for all of us!

Stephanie said...

Hi sam,

Just a quick note to let you know that I "discovered" the beautiful bunny print that was the back of my address label when you sent Ninny to me. I managed to rescue it almost intact and have framed it. It looks gorgeous and I feel like I received double goodies when my parcel arrived. How lucky I am!
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine. It's freezing in Sydney, Australia at the moment!

Thanks again for my goodies,