Monday, June 15, 2009

blood sweat and milk....

What started out as a simple idea to "start" my night of work became a ruthless late night of frustration, tears, and many a naughty word out of my mouth. After four hours of trying to find happiness with a piece that just wasn't going anywhere, I held my breath and chopped away three hours of hard work and started again. (the background was a hand-stitched frenzy of trees, buildings, and cars..) Taking a step back and looking at it again (after a few stormed out walks of tears mind you), I simplified what was too busy and came up with the milk truck. The piece suddenly came together, and with a few extra stitches on Marge's dress to balance out the picture, I was happy.....finally. What initially started out as extreme upset over how much time had been spent on this piece, soon turned into a realization that I was actually productive all along. New ideas for future pieces were being generated, new techniques were explored, and a piece was created that would never have been if I hadn't gone that extra mile. In the end, it was all good. (but please let the next one go a bit more eyes need to dry up a bit.)


tangled sky studio said...

well worth the effort and i like your glass half full attitude (full of tears but full none the less....)!

happy monday and summertime (woohoo!)


Melissa Crowe said...

SO good for us all to be reminded that nothing is wasted. Every moment spent creating makes us more able to create.

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Oh I know how you feel! I can be really upset about my dolls as well. And I chop them up too. (Which upsets my boyfriend more than me...)

But in the end those are good moments. They get you somewhere.

Best wishes,
PilliPilli Handmade

sammi said...

Ah husband (the engineer) has had 15 years to get "used" to this, although I still think it hurts him just as much today. And beth, let's just say the final posting took a more positive spin that the first few drafts :)

Lady P said...

i really like it
isn't is amazing what can come out of the "process"?