Friday, May 15, 2009

spring is but a glimpse of what is to come.....

It's 75 degrees as I sit wrapped around in a blanket trying to keep warm. Ridden with some sort of cold bug, I continue to rest in my chair and just enjoy being still ....then is dawns on me. I am actually "resting" in my chair. There are no little ones running dangerously close to the road. I do not have to grab a little one's hand before they throw a handful of sand or pile of rocks in the "wrong" direction. The stairs to the slide are no longer a danger of falling off of, and thus no mad dashes to the steps are needed as I catch a glimpse of someone climbing up.
Instead I find myself sipping on my tea and watching my boys play in the garden. Slugs are getting picked off the hosta leaves, buckets are getting filled with water, feet are getting wet, and two boys are completely absorbed in their own world. I am happy. They are happy. Then it hits me. I don't know what to do. Do I just continue to sit? This feels strange and foreign. I start twiddling my thumbs. Suddenly the words "can you come play with us?" saves me. I rush to the blanket where familiarity meets me again.

this is going to be a great summer ::


Elma said...

Enjoy this time with your little ones:) As this time is but short. I hope you feel better soon:)

tangled sky studio said...

summer...i love it. but then i also love back to a yin-yang wouldn't be so great without the other.