Monday, May 11, 2009

a "patient" mother's day morning in bed....

I would like to say that I woke up to the most beautiful peace and quiet, as the kids lay sound asleep in their beds and I just listening to the peaceful sounds of the morning breeze streaming through the bedroom windows......but unfortunately that's my friend's story, and since she reads this blog every now and then, I don't think I can play that one off.

Mine started with good promise, as big A ran into the room so anxious to show me what he had made at school. He was so proud of what he had done, and I became so emotional at his pure excitement to give it to me.....then came in his little brother. As shouts of "happy mother's day" bellowed from the boys to my left, little M quickly stormed in from the right, and matched their chants with one of his own.
"It's Not Mother's Day!!!! (said with screams and tears pouring down his little cheeks)..
it's Boy's Day!!!!! " (repeat this chorus for twenty more minutes) . Needless to say, there was no changing this boys mind, and after a "patient" hour of "resting" in my bed while the boys busied themselves preparing breakfast for mummy in bed, I was welcomed with a plate of crepes, one boy proud to give them to me, and the other peeking from behind the door with tears still making their way down his face. I jumped out of bed, wrapped my arms around big A, and managed to pull my distraught little one close to me and sneak in a quick kiss on the back of his soft neck before his little body stormed away.......a sudden moment in time that will stay with me for years to come, and make this mother's day the special one that is was.
(but next year could we try my friend's one?)

happy mother's day!


kiddlebug said...

We have big dreams for Mother's Day, but reality gets in the way. :)

Cary Walker said...

happy belated Mother's Day my friend! life is always interesting with these little people isn't it?!

Rubyellen said...

crepes?!! oh that sounds good. i'll take kids day and crepes anyday!!!

Rubyellen said...

oh and happy mummy's day to mummy sam!