Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a weekend of firsts and a second to breathe.....

A surprise weekend of "summer" weather brought out a number of amazing "firsts" :
1. the first game of t-ball (once he figures out the direction to run we're golden....)
2. the first "cruise" training wheel free (thank you to our 11 year old neighbour who taught him in a matter of minutes.....)
3. the first big splash (with an ever so cautious little brother keeping a safe distance)
4. the first pair of shoes for the demands of warmer weather

and now comes a second to breathe.......with the return of spring weather vastly approaching, we are going to take a moment to slow down a bit and relax. I too am going to take a bit of a breather as two big deadlines approach and time seems to be going by way too fast.....i'll see you in a week or so!


awesomeasaone said...

I love how antiqued these photos look...how did you do that??

sammi said...

thank picnik.....although I've gotten a bit addicted to it :)

Leililaloo said...

Thank you so much Sammi!!!