Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pre-meditated play date

Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to witness the sight of three kindergarten schoolmates huddled together planning their next "meeting (aka playdate)". Phone numbers were exchanged and arrangements were made to get together the following morning at one of their houses.
That evening I received a call:
"apparently the boys have arranged a play-date at my house tomorrow at, can you make it?"
how can you say no, especially when you can just imagine all the work that was involved to get said plans in place (writing the numbers alone would be quite involved!). They were so proud of what they accomplished, and little did I know that this single event would lead to a daily ritual of calling each other on the phone. (which consists of dialing the number then standing their in silence not knowing what to say)
I will leave you now with a conversation between A and his friend Will that left me standing on the other side of the door trying to soak up every word,

Will: "um, is A there?"
(A picks up the phone and stands there in silence.....moments go by)
Mum(in whisper): say hello
A: hi
Will: why did you call me?
A: I don't know
Will: want to come over someday?
A: yes
Will: o.k. bye
A: bye

how awesome is that?.....


tangled sky studio said...

my little guy's bff lives two doors down and they also do a daily call which has come to include deciding whose house they will play at first...while on our trip out of the blue sage asked "when will and i have a will he get home?" (sniff, sniff, sniff...)

Dot said...

That is so adorable. I loved reading the exchange between Will and A.

Very, very sweet!

Dot :)