Friday, April 24, 2009

oh, thank goodness!

oh what a much needed afternoon this was! With plenty of supplies on hand, two brothers were able to set aside their recent frustrations with one another and enjoy an afternoon of peaceful bookmaking with their neighborhood friend. After a quick post-school trip to the coffee shop for three hot chocolates (with the works), we came back home and set out to make some new journals.

Two hours later, three boys were left proudly holding their new journals,
and mum was quite thankful (and rested mind you) to have some good harmony back in the house again :)

hmmmm.....maybe bookmaking should be a daily routine?


leah said...

these look beautiful. how is the paper attached to the inside?

tangled sky studio said...

what a sweet project...hopefully i'll be able to make time for things like this soon! have a great weekend..

ps: i love the mr fox print!

michelle said...

Don't you wish the same great project that worked one day would work the next? Somehow I always feel better knowing other kids don't always get along either!

sammi said...

leah....very quick. just folded a stack of paper and then blanket stitched through the paper and felt to tie it all together :)

and michelle....sometimes you just need to see other parents struggling to know that it's not just you going through it!