Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's a way of life....

the setting: the local dentist
the actors: my mum and the local dentist

mr. dentist: "you know, you should really consider giving up smoking"
my mum: "but I don't smoke"
mr. dentist (with a hint of disbelief) "then what explains the yellow teeth?"
my devastated mum: "could it be tea?"
mr. dentist (with a smirk): "well, that would mean you would have to consume at least 8 cups a day"
my mum (very satisfied): "then it's definitely the tea!"

To a British family, tea can (and is) the solution to everything;
need to wake up in the morning? start of with a couple cups before having your coffee
need a mid-morning boost? go for another cup
tired from going on errands? run in the door and quickly put the kettle on
too hot to do any more gardening? again, run in and put the kettle on. (who says you can't enjoy a hot cup on a blistering summer day?)
tummy ache? tea
broken heart? tea
need to celebrate? tea
wisdom teeth just pulled out? tea (I still haven't forgotten this one. I remember questioning my mum when the after-care pamphlet said no hot liquids. My mum's simple answer was a quick, "but it's tea")
want a friend to come over? entice them over with a cup of tea

I could go on, but frankly I may never finish the list.....and besides, I just got the little one down for his nap so a celebratory cup of tea is in order!


Eva said...

i agree- tea is great!

tangled sky studio said...

cheers! i think i need a cup too....

Susan said...

I am in total agreement. In fact, I think I will make a cup of tea while I excitedly wait for the postperson to bring my Bethen four-eyed beauty doll I ordered from you. I can't wait.

denise said...

ah, yes, I have found that to be my answer to many things of late. Overwhelmed with all that has to be done in the day? looking around dismayed? TEA is definitely the answer! Because with tea, I get to procrastinate a little longer and ponder and daydream. ahhhhhh.

Lizzie said...

i have a british father and a jewish mother, so there were two cures for all things in my house growing up: tea and matzoh ball soup!