Monday, March 23, 2009

something a bit more changeable....

After what seems like an eternity of testing out ideas that never panned out (oh how hard it is to accept defeat after working on something for hours....especially when you are working on precious "kid free" can't waste time!....), I am so happy to have one that finally turned out.

Meet Milly. She lives on Olive street and loves going out for her morning and mid-day walks.
When she's not looking lovely displayed in a frame on the wall, you can take her out for walks of your own and then simply bring her back to Olive St. when you are done!

I really love that you can change this art around, and even play with a bit too.
I will post her in the shop along with another changeable frame this afternoon.

Happy Monday!


gulle hexan said...

oh dear.:)
you are so great.. and do such lovly nice things.. i adore it:) as usual..

hugs from sweden.

Melissa Crowe said...

I LOVE THIS because it combines drawing/paper with sewing/fabric. I am so into this combination in my own imagination right now but haven't managed anything. You're so inspiring to me!

Kristina said...

Ooh, I love her! I can't afford her yet, but I hope she's not gone by the time someone pays me, so she can come live with me. I just discovered your work and your blog, and they are such a pleasure and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!