Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh how I need help....

maybe a quick peek into my nightly routine will give you a better idea:
1. go to bed and sketch some ideas while the kids sleep quietly
2.turn light off
3.turn light back on to write down a reminder to pay mortgage
4.lights out
5. turn light back on to remember to call a friend
6.lights out
7. panic set in that I won't see the note I wrote
8. turn light back on and circle note with a marker
9. lights out
10. reach for glasses and put them on my sketch so that I don't forget my note in the morning
11. lights back on....decided I better fold my glasses over the paper so that I can't grab my glasses without picking up the note
12.lights out
13. it's after breakfast.....realize I had managed to put my glasses on and forget the note.....again.

I can't seem to shake it.....I seem to live in a world of organized chaos (although my husband would most likely dispute the "organized" part). Important numbers are often written down on the back of whatever I have handy. I know that my neighbour's number is on the back of an old phone bill (now where is that?), my password for amazon is on a scrap of yellow striped paper (I think I last saw that in a toy bucket), and a plethora of other "important" reminders lie silently amidst the house waiting to be discovered because I cannot remember the "safe" place that I put them in. Oh how I want to be organized, but I just don't think it's in my genetic givings.......and I realize now looking at this post that I have completely forgotten about calling my friend, and am now writing myself a note on my hand in hope that I remember before it gets wiped from memory in the bath.


tangled sky studio said...

you're an artist-it ok to just be! you put out an amazing amount of beautiful work (including this awesome (picniktized) photo! i am super organized and that gets in the way sometimes too (you can't win...). love this post and am sure your friend will forgive you but you better get on the mortgage!


Rubyellen said...

this is hilarious! i know the feeling. i am two days late in paying one of our bills... don't tell my husband!

leah said...

i think i will have matt read this post. he often gets frustrated at my disorganization and has this idea that most other people have it completely together. i try really i do. it's refreshing to hear that i am not alone. this adult stuff is hard!

Rubyellen said...

my best friend brought her little house to our london get together. everyone loved your creation! i should have got some biz cards. i will need to email them your address!!!

hope all is well!

Cary Walker said...

i'm exactly the same! i wish i could blame it on having kids, but i have always been like this (since i was a kid).

Leililaloo said...

Trying to keep my thoughts in one place, it sounds so familiar! It sometimes is very exhausting i know all about that. But i agree with Beth, you put some great things out there and it comes with the teritory, i guess.

erin said...

oh my goodness.. you are so completely adorable!
i am so in love with the photo to go along. i couldnt stop giggling..

'fancypicnic' said...

I swear I wrote this post...!
I've decided that what I need is a notebook on a string around my neck, with a pen attached, then I will remember everything and lose nothing.
I always put notes to myself (when I don't want to forget something) on A4 paper, in the darkest pen I can find, and put it right by the door on the floor so I won't miss it in the morning. What do I ALWAYS do? Step right on over it as if it isn't there. Every single time...