Thursday, March 26, 2009

I do wear them afterall.......

"mummy, why don't any of your dolls wear glasses? "

"that's a very good question, as there are many beautiful mums out their wearing glasses!" (a bit of an obvious plug about myself to the boys)

They are, after all, my identity....I have worn them for as long as I can remember, and I have even gone as far as choosing glasses that purposefully stand out. They make me who I much so that the boys get upset when they come into our room first thing in the morning and see them resting on the table. Little M always hands them to me right away, as if mummy doesn't exist unless she wears them.........."now you are mummy".

In honour of all those "four eye beauties" out there, meet bethen....and doesn't she look beautiful ?


tangled sky studio said...

a fashion maven and trendsetter! i used to wear cool stand out glassed (from 4th grade on) but when we moved to the beach i had lasik surgery (egads!) and now i have 20/15 vision. sometimes i miss my glasses but mostly i don't.

jac said...

She does indeed!!