Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh how I love you wednesday!

With daddy coming home after a week away, the boys and I found it fitting to do something extra special this morning. With two boys suggesting chocolate as a good way to go, we settled on some yummy "ooey gooey" constellation pancakes to start our day. The jar of dark chocolate chips were brought out and mummy was set to work following requests of a pegasus, bull, bear, and big dipper. (which I might add looked nothing like the constellations....I only had 4" pancakes to work with and some very big chips. I am sure the sight of oozing chocolate quickly outweighed any "innacuracies" in my chip arrangements) .

Two plates licked to a perfect sheen and two chocolate covered smiles later, I was able to pour my morning cup of tea and enjoy a few quiet moments before finishing off my own little dipper cake and licking away any remaining evidence...yum!

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tangled sky studio said...

how yummy does this sound! LOVE the first photo...are you using the 50mm lens?