Thursday, February 5, 2009

"1, 2, 3.......come up here now mummy"

As big A busies himself with afternoon Kindergarten, little M has decided to fill his time with attempt after attempt at leaving his still necessary nap behind. What once was a quick kiss on the cheek and a roll over goodnight has become a daily routine of new ideas to try to sway mummy's stance on naptime. Yesterday I was treated to a stairwell of pajamas that he had managed to hurl over the gate and down the stairs (the second child gets the gate at the door....I am too tired the second time around to keep walking him back to the room....) I couldn't help but feel for the little guy when I found this clutter of defiance littering the steps, and yet the deep silence that followed for a good hour and a half was the reassurance I needed to know that he still needed those z's... (which is good, because I am not quite ready to give up my "sit down for a cup of tea completely alone" time yet.......)
I will leave you now with the sweet sounds of my little one in the background as I finish up this entry and get ready to sit down for that cup of tea.......

"I am shouting because I love you...."
"mummy, are you o.k. down there?"
"i'm scared....there's something up here"
"i'm hungry"
"I need to go potty"
"I feel sick"
"I napped already"
"Why aren't you talking?"
"I need you"
"I need a story"
"your bed is so soft...I need your bed"
"I'm going to count to one...."



tangled sky studio said...

i have a pre-teen exhibiting similar behavior at time (if only i could get her to nap). this post is a gem...

Cary Walker said...

god, your stairs are beautiful.

i wish i had nap time to look forward to. enjoy it now!

monda-loves said...

that is hilarious. Kids are great, aren't they.