Tuesday, March 25, 2008

....and another cafe

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here's the other one I started yesterday.....I am starting to go stitch crazy. I better tame it down a bit!

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter everyone....we had a really good day with the family this year. After the kids came running in at 6:30am to unload their baskets, they barely gave us enough time to crawl out of bed and run downstairs to begin the egg hunt. They had such a great time looking for the eggs, and were already on a nice sugar high before 8am. After what seemed like an eternity trying to get Aidan dressed for Church (nothing "felt right"....he ended up wearing sport pants and a dinosaur top....what can you do...) we made it through mass without too many hitches. After getting home and putting the boys down for a much needed nap, I was able to finish getting the Easter meal prepared. In usual Aidan fashion none of the food appealed to his tastes, and after much whining and complaining I stuffed his mouth with a cheese and butter sandwich. (hey, you do what you have to when it means getting to continue sitting down and get looped up on some wine....it is our holiday as well!)
All in all, it ended up to really be a really nice break, and we hope everyone else was able to enjoy some good food and drink as well :)

Easter Party!

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A suddenly had the "need" to throw together an easter party, so in last minute fashion I tried to whip up a quick batch of cupcakes....a good dollop of nutella on top and some jelly bellies and we were in business. We cut a bunch of felt shaped eggs and scraps of paper, and had a good time creating some nifty easter creations. (I think the nutella was a hit.....cupcakes with the nutella were either completely eaten or just left to sit after the nutella had been succesfully licked off) The boys are getting really excited for easter, and I am just a sucker for any holiday....

another cafe in the works

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One thing this sick period did was make it just too hard to get any sewing done. I would walk past my work table and just look at it with such a yearn to get back into it. It felt really good to finally make another piece, and I am now in the middle of another one.....

we are finally better!!!!

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it seems like it has been ages since we have all been feeling well, but we are thankfully now all better. It was a long couple of weeks, especially with me just not having the energy to do anything (and with two active boys, that can create some problems....) Anyway, we have returned to our days of dressing up in aluminum foil and running around non-stop. Being cooped up in the house for so long created a bit of a crazy energy in the house ( time-out occurences were getting very frequent), and it just feels so good now to be able to break up the day a bit more with some trips around the neighborhood

another superhero shot

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Friday, March 14, 2008

still sick

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It's been a rough week and a half now....A is still sick, and I have been diagnosed with the flu and strep throat, with the possilbility of a sinus infection on top of that. We are in the mode of survival right now, and hopefully I will be better soon to start working again and posting some"happier" messages. See you when we're better.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

keeping entertained in the house

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As sickness approaches the week mark, the need to get more creative with indoor play for the healthier little guy has been getting more challenging.....A is content just laying on the couch coloring, but M is definately showing signs of cabin fever....he needs to move about, and unfortunately I just don't have the energy yet....He is getting very "cheeky" and is finding enjoyment in torturing his brother. (hmmm, like crumpling up his drawings, throwing his beloved stuffed animal accross the room, dumping out his crayone...the usual....)

the sick house

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Lucious was gone to California for eight days, and now that he has returned we are all sick (except daddy...) It's been a rough week full of fevers and coughing, and being really sick myself it has made it even that much more difficult. As M starts getting better before the rest of us, I have been trying to set up scenes for playing that will allow just a bit extra time on the couch to recoup. (hence the beans with the train track....worked out great until M discovered the joy in "splashing" the beans with his dump truck, thus causing a whole array of beans to cascade down to the floor) I am hoping to feel a bit better later on today to do some work....it's been so hard not being able to do anything!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

new doll in the making

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Even after a couple year break from working, I have somehow come back again to that little british boy! I need to put some pants on him still, and then he should be done....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A bakery in the making

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It's raining sleet as I sit at the computer after just working on this bakery stuffed toy....the boys are busy napping, and I am just thankful to have a moment to myself :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

I think he's having fun....

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hmmm....is it that obvious that A is anxious for spring? We had a quick warm teaser today before the arrival of freezing rain sometime tomorrow (I am just done. I am getting tired of the constant bundling up to go anywhere..... the boots, mittens, pants, jackets and hats.......)
well, I have two boys fast asleep and I am now attempting to pry myself off this comfy couch and try to get a bit of seing time in..we will see how far I actually get :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

new doll face detail

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experimenting more with dolls...I am starting to like them better as I "draw" more with the sewing machine

new doll in progress

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sorry for the bad picture...just wanted to get this posted for mum!