Friday, February 29, 2008

another doll in progress

DSCN6564, originally uploaded by samcotterill.

I did what I could during precious nap time today....she still needs her legs and something to hold. Let me know what you think!

sew proud......

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my big boy has acquired a new skill......sewing. This is his first solo creation, and he couldn't have been more excited about it. I should probably be a bit careful with what I encourage....too much of this may cause some shoved in the locker situations when he's in school someday :)

the superhero household

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well, so long dinosaurs.....superheoes have become the new thing in this house. No longer am I playing meateater vs. plant-eater all day (sigh of relief), but instead poor mummy is constantly getting trapped in webs.....especially when I want to go off and do my own thing for a little bit. I am constatnly being asked to compare the abilities of each superhero, and thus I have to brush up on some superhero knowledge (growing up with a sister where all we did was have ken and barbie make-out doesn't quite help the situation) I have to say though that I am very thankful for a change in interests, and it is really fun to see both boys so involved

out in the sun...

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a breath of spring air

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we had a rare look into spring a few days ago, and the boys couldn't have been happier. The warm sun allowed us to swing to our heart's was a nice change from being cooped up in the house all day (let's just say trying to keep busy in the house all day has somehow caused my caffeine intake to need that quick fix to keep going!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

please don't wake mummy up so early!

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It's so hard to rustle yourself out of a nice, warm and cozy bed when your little one comes prancing in at 5am seemingly ready for the day to begin. After an unsuccesful 45 minutes at getting him back to sleep I reluctantly pulled back the covers and started my day knowing all of my friends were still fast asleep(sigh....) It just doesn't seem normal to look at the clock after breakfast, a bath, dancing and playing and see that it is only 6:30a.m! Oh well, at least one is napping now and hopefully I can get a couple of quick felt play pieces sewn together before they are ready to rock it out to some more teeny bopper music.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

more felt cakes

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slowly, slowly, this rate i'll have to charge a hundred bucks to make a proft!

a much needed break

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had a chance this morning to do some embroidery and sewing while the little ones played. I am having a rough week with the boys apparent inability to play together for even two minutes. I found myself just losing it this morning when I tried to bake a batch of scones and they couldn't even get along at the table for five seconds to let me bake....ughhhh! I had to make an s.o.s. call to my girlfriend as I could feel myself just getting all boiled up. I just get frustrated sometimes because I make such an effort to spend a lot of quality time with them during the day...whether it be setting up forts, sewing toys with them, baking together...and when it comes time to me just wanting a couple minutes of my own, they can't handle it. M is going through a mummy phase again, and I can't even escape to the bathroom without terrible panic setting in. O.k.....I am starting to babble. I best stop before this becomes a poorly written novel. :) I am excited about getting some more felt pieces done tonight when the boys are sleeping peacefully.......

My felt and fabric has arrived!

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I was so thrilled to see a couple of packages on my doorstep and find my order of wool felt and fabric for my felt creations. hmmmmm...guess that means I better hurry up and learn how to actually sew

muffins are always welcome

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went to a friend's house the other day for some play, coffee, and yummy(although she thought otherwise....) muffins. Did she notice that I ate six?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

the boy loves to draw

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what can I say? the boy loves to draw.....he makes a mama proud....

just because.....

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I just thought i'd post this picture for the sole reason that it always makes me stop and stare and it for awhile. There is something about A's expression and the overall green color of the photo.
Well, it is 5:30am now and I am sitting alongside the little guy who decided it was time to get up for the day ...he somehow didn't pick up my telepathic signals that it was still nightime. darn..... Oh well, we are now hiding downstairs in hopes that A doesn't here us and will continue to sleep. I cut out 10 patterns for my felt cakes last night (Scott, isn't it obvious felt cakes are fabric stiched stuffed pretend food? c'mon...your a dad need to be up on all this stuff! ) Hopefully I can get a bunch stiched together during nap time today

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

would only snack in white and cream

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Today it was decided that snacks were to be in cream and white only.....i've been informed that tomorrow it will be orange. The boys are taking a little breather right now while I get ready to sew some more pie slices. My next task is to sew some strawberries and kiwi slices to adorn the cakes

going felt crazy

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another rainy day.....although today it is too wet and cold to hang outside. The boys are starting to act really ansy, so we decided to declare today "pillow jump jam day". I think we have succesfully obtained every pillow in the house and created a good size jumping area that will hopefully give me a break as they burn off some energy...(of course they have to wear their hats we adorned because they are making snow angels on the pillows)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the yearn to explore

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today has been really wet, and it allowed for more dirty fun outside. The boys were determined to stay outside even after their little hands turned bright red (obviously you can't wear gloves when collecting I was informed) As much fun as throwing pinecones into a puddle for an hour can be, I had to go to extreme bribery to get them inside. They are now peacefully playing upstairs (after I gave them some sheets of stickers....I am not quite sure what to expect when I go into their room) and I thought i'd use the time to send this quick note.
I made a felt piece of pie today with some vintage fabric for the filling....I think this one actually turned out alright!

more pinecone throwing

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another hour of just throwing pinecones into a puddle.........

time to play outside

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Finally.....after what seems like ages cooped up in the house, we were finally able to venture outside and play. After racing each other on the driveway, an hour was spent searching for pinecones and then hurling them into a big puddle. You could hear the sounds of birds in the distance, and it just made me so anxious for the warmer weather to arrive. I can't wait to put our side fence up so that my friend can come over and we can let our little ones run around like crazy while we sit and drink coffee(or wine??)
I am writing this blog as I try my fifth attempt at sewing a felt cake. It's starting to look more like a cake now and less like a that must be a good sign! My "plan" is to get a bunch of these felt creations made to sell in the summer (in addition to working on my book and fixing up the house....ummmm.....must be my ADD working at full gear....we shall see what actually happens)