Monday, December 15, 2008

what a journey......

Two days before the show, we awoke to a neighborhood completely covered in ice. (note the broken trees in the background). After a very long and loud night of listening (quite nervously I might add) to the crackles and subsequent crashes of limbs falling down left and right, we started the day with no power and two scared little boys. At first glance you can't help but get taken aback by the beauty of it, but soon reality hits and you see it for what it is...a storm that knocked out power for hundreds of thousands, and a landscape full of it's aftermath.
The day soon turned into night, and after a long night of keeping two boys warm under a pile of blankets we started to prepare ourselves for the thought that power may not come back for some days to come.
The mummy guilt started to hit hard, and the thought of leaving everyone at home to go to the city became unbearable....although I was reassured many a time that things will be fine by my husband, I just couldn't bring myself to go. Thankfully the power came on moments before I was set to leave, and I could rest with ease knowing that they were all going to be comfortable while I was gone.

With that said, a few sloppy kisses and hugs later I finally set off for the city.
In the end, the show turned out to be well worth the trials of getting there, and the turnout was just unbelievable. Many a wonderful people were met, and it was always such a treat to meet one of my Etsy customers in person. Thank you to everyone who managed to pop by to say was such an energetic day full of many a chit chat with fellow artists, customers, and general admirers.

I am back now, and ready to do a final update to the shop tonight before I close it for a couple of weeks to focus on being with the family for christmas. cheers!

(We were really lucky to get power when we did, as many of my friends today are still without power, and what trees did fall in our yard did so without hitting the house.....turns out we had it easy )


elma said...

I am soo glad you had a good show!! I hate it when you lose power. I guess you really don't know how much you need it until you don't have any. We lost power for four days last winter it was the pits. With eight kids and a farmer husband I was so excited to do wash when we got the powe back!:) Have a super night. See you at the update.

Leila said...

I'm glad that your power went back on and everyone was fine! And I'm also glad that I got to meet you! Your booth was one of the best ones there, by the way.

Rubyellen said...

oh what a scare?! thank God nothing hit your house and the power wasn't out too long.

i can't wait to see pics of the show!!!

windlewood said...

I just LOVE your work!!!
Very charming!
Happy Holidays...Lenae

Cary Walker said...

your table was lovely! i was really impressed with your work. very nice meeting you... i hope it went well! happy holidays!

sammi said...

thank you so much everyone! It was such a good show, and i look forward to doing it again next year (hopefully this time without the power outage!)