Thursday, December 4, 2008

of course it would happen now.....(oh, and the winner is...)

Well this was supposed to be the first of a series of photos depicting our first advent activity of the season,however my trusty camera finally decided it was a fitting time to leave us. I am in a frantic haze trying to find a good camera, as pictures need to be taken for my upcoming shop update. (any suggestions?) oh the timing!
oh well, in any case I won't let a pesky camera get in the way of our festive activities....

All that aside, we thoroughly enjoyed running down the stairs the other morning anxious to open our first advent card. "Make smores and enjoy by the fire with everyone" celebrated day one, and we were soon out the door to collect the ingredients. ('s where the pictures would have been helpful!) One bag of marshmallows, three bars of dark chocolate, a box of graham crackers, and three found sticks later we were ready. Poor dad spent a good hour trying to start a fire with damp wood and two ansy boys in the background who seemed to agonize over every minute that would pass. Success was finally had, and we had just enough time to warm some little toes and cover our faces and jammies with ooey chocolate and marshmallows. It was a really great way to start the season, and today I have the birdseed and peanut butter in hand as we dive into our next project. (somehow I seemed to have made every activity a very "sticky" one.....I am sure there will be many a pajama set sent to the laundry...)

of course I cannot say goodbye to you all without sending a warm congratulations to elmaelsiena....your mummysam goody will soon be on its way. congratulations!!!!!!!


tangled sky studio said... lovely store bought advent calander pales in comparison. smores over an open fire in the rock!. at our house we have ice cream for breakfast 5 times a year (on birthdays) because i thought the coolest thing about being a grown up was being able to have ice cream for breakfast but the smores idea blows that away....well done!
i got a digital slr camera last year for my birthday and i LOVE it (Canon EOS 30D).

leah said...

these advent ideas are great. we just have a cheesy store bought paper one. i think i was hesitant to do a gift calendar because i don't need extra excuses to buy things for my children. i guess it didn't really occur to me to have special activities as part of it. i love it. perhaps next year or maybe the 10 prior to the 25th. hmmm?