Tuesday, November 11, 2008

to new heights....

the sweet sounds of bickering between two very different souls reached new heights yesterday....so much so that documentation of the event was a must. There are bound to be fireworks when you couple a boy who takes pride in his ability to constantly push buttons with a boy whose sensitivity doesn't handle the button pushing very well.......but how little did I know! Apparently fighting over imaginary fish crackers can cause just as much upset as the real thing! It must have taken a good ten minutes for me to realize that the situation I was trying to settle was about nothing at all....in fact I didn't know what was going on until little M held out his empty hand to me and said "look mum...he took half of my crackers" (and may I note with buckets of tears pouring down his face) As the frustrations between the two grew, I couldn't help but turn my head ever now and then to hide the smile that was growing on my face.......it was just too cute.

oh, and remember.....SHOP UPDATE tomorrow! ........I am hoping to fill the shop with lots of goodies, so check back in and let me know what you think :)


Anonymous said...

I hope that another Milly arrives in your shop tomorrow. How I loved her with her stripey hat. I think though I jut missed her first time sround.
Boys, gotta love them! My two are a lot older than yours and still fight - over different thing of course. I worried at one stange that they didn't like each other, but I now know they actually do it for the opposite reason - a rough and tough scramble whether with words or bodies with someone you love is fun and safe and they always make up after. Enjoy - you have years of this back and forth to go!

sammi said...

I read your comment and managed to get a milly in (this time with a scarf) today! I will be posting tomorrow at 2PM EST....so check in!
and yes, boys...........it is a whole new world to me after growing up with just a sister :)

Rubyellen said...

oh this is hilarious! i am sure my days will be just like that soon enough!!! imaginary fish crackers... i love it!