Saturday, November 8, 2008

" hey mum....that is so awesome...."

"awesome", "sweet", "totally cool", "aw dude".....just a selection from big A's newly acquired vocabulary since entering Kindergarten. As we sat huddled in warmth between plays at his final soccer game, he taught me the "importance" of using such descriptive words when discussing the game. "That kick was totally awesome" is obviously way more powerful than "great kick"......especially when you add more five year olds to the conversation.

He's no longer that wobbly seven week old muttering nothing but gurgles and sweet cries, but rather a boy who now spends a shocking amount of time every morning trying to put a cool outfit together for school.

So much time can be spent looking forward to what they are going to accomplish next, that it takes holding someone else's wee one to suddenly realize how big they have become. And it wasn't until my three year old blurted out "cool, dude" upon seeing a fire engine on the drive home that I realized just how fast it is flying by!


tangled sky studio said...

from the mouths of babes...
i've got the same thing going on with my 4 year old... suddenly everything is "totally awesome". hope you're having a good weekend (dude)!

Svenja said...

Every time I read your posts about your kids it feels like home. I keep sending those links to my girlfriends in Germany as you speak from the heart. My kids are 3 and 5, too - just turned that age in October. I just love how you are so honest and at the same time put hope out there for everyone. I also admire your very unique style in designing. You are in my blog roll every morning and I am always looking forward to what you did and how you feel like. Have a great week, Svenja

sammi said...

that has to be one of the loveliest compliments I have ever received, and I feel so touched! thank you and I am so glad you enjoy reading it so much :)
and to beth(dude)....isn't it just funny to hear out of their little mouths?