Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy birthday daddy.....

With a last wave of our hands and a very cool and calm "have a good day at work", we finished our goodbyes and rushed back inside to begin a day of daddy day preparations. Two hours later, the sign was decorated and so were we....(inevitable when you sit down with runny glue, bits of paper, and very free-flowing glitter.)

many attempts were made to blow up balloons I was surprised to find stashed away in the cupboard (turns out there was a reason for that....without a pump of any kind, these were just impossible to blow up) so....

we decided to take our stash of no blow balloons and stick them on our signs and cover them with glitter. Apparently anything can look good as long as you use glitter!

After a much needed break to wash off glitter and eat a quick lunch, we were out to go do some shopping. One superman baseball cap later (big A was determined to give him a very "animated" Hulk touque, and knowing they would be expecting him to sport this wherever he went, we decided on a much mellower compromise) we were ready to celebrate.
The boys had such a wonderful time getting ready for his birthday, and the look on their faces when he walked into the restaurant where we met him for dinner was priceless. It all came to a great close when big A looked at daddy and said "for my superhero" as he handed him the present. (oh, and meanwhile little M kept standing up to see who was on the other side of the booth and smothering his hands on the window............)

happy birthday sweetie.

(p.s. i'll post the winner after thanksgiving!)

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Danita said...

Oh I think I'm late for the giveaway, but Happy birthday to your husband!