Wednesday, November 19, 2008

always by my side

It's always tough trying to come up with a self-portrait when asked for one, and with that comes many attempts at producing something not too awkward looking. I decided it would be best to include my camera in the picture, especially since it accompanies me everwhere I go.....and what humours me so much is that I never even realized another "appendage" present until I went back through the photos. The ultimate decision to use this photo came simply from the fact that a self-portrait for me would have to include big A. (little M tends to be content wandering off in his own space) He is always present, even at "alone time" play. He is, after all, the first-born of the family. As a first time mum, I was always trying to fill every moment of time with something "engaging" and often felt a sense of guilt if I left him alone......then the second child came along. My days were then filled with putting little M on his floor blanket while I went about dealing with many situations that can come from having a two year old........
Yes, they do have very different personalities that probably lean them towards how independent they want to be, but I am sure the time I had to dedicate to each one as a wee one had something to do with it too......(hmmm....let's just say big A lifted his head way earlier than his little brother. I had mirrors propped on the floor, constantly dangling toys just out of reach to help him strengthen his neck. Then came little longer did I have "first-time mum" worries, and thus my philosophy became a very casual , "he'll do it when he's ready" )
oh, the life with wee ones :)

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Rubyellen said...

Oooo... what is this for? I can't wait to find out!!!

I have to do one too, but I am so stumped! I love taking pictures but not when I am in it!!!

I have been so busy I haven't visited here and there is so much going on that I missed! How are you feeling?

The angels look so cute!!!