Thursday, June 26, 2008

we're back from the farm......

We are back after a wonderful week excursion to my sister's lovely farm in Virgina. Ramey Hill Farm gave the boys a place to collect warm eggs in the morning, wash and feed the pigs, squeeze honey into there own custom made jars, and many other non-suburban splendors. (If you count picking ticks off as one of them, well then we just about covered it all!.....not that I need to revisit that particular experience)
Our days have never been so full, and Auntie Becks was just an absolute star at trying to convert them to the farm side. Now that we are back, we have already cracked open the honey jar and happily give thanks to such a memorable experience.

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Leila said...

I've just been on a long trip to the suburbs and just got back too -- I've missed so much it seems! The farm looks lovely -- my husband and I hope to move to a farm in Virginia some day so I'm loving looking at your sister's.