Tuesday, March 11, 2008

keeping entertained in the house

DSCN6614, originally uploaded by samcotterill.

As sickness approaches the week mark, the need to get more creative with indoor play for the healthier little guy has been getting more challenging.....A is content just laying on the couch coloring, but M is definately showing signs of cabin fever....he needs to move about, and unfortunately I just don't have the energy yet....He is getting very "cheeky" and is finding enjoyment in torturing his brother. (hmmm, like crumpling up his drawings, throwing his beloved stuffed animal accross the room, dumping out his crayone...the usual....)


Lovermore said...

Your photos with the beans and toy trucks reminds me of a series by a photographer here in San Francisco. Check out:


Look at the column of photos on the far right-hand side of the web page. The subjects are hand-painted figures from toy train sets. She did a great job placing them in fun and unique settings. Very clever. We went to her open studios a few months ago. I was all set to buy my favorite picture but she was sold out of the size I wanted.

samantha cotterill said...

hey scott....I loved those photos....a little but more interesting than mine! It gets me wanting to do some fun things with aidan's toys. And thanks for commenting...I'm glad to hear you were gone for a week, as I was beginning to wonder if it was anything I had said :)