Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter everyone....we had a really good day with the family this year. After the kids came running in at 6:30am to unload their baskets, they barely gave us enough time to crawl out of bed and run downstairs to begin the egg hunt. They had such a great time looking for the eggs, and were already on a nice sugar high before 8am. After what seemed like an eternity trying to get Aidan dressed for Church (nothing "felt right"....he ended up wearing sport pants and a dinosaur top....what can you do...) we made it through mass without too many hitches. After getting home and putting the boys down for a much needed nap, I was able to finish getting the Easter meal prepared. In usual Aidan fashion none of the food appealed to his tastes, and after much whining and complaining I stuffed his mouth with a cheese and butter sandwich. (hey, you do what you have to when it means getting to continue sitting down and get looped up on some wine....it is our holiday as well!)
All in all, it ended up to really be a really nice break, and we hope everyone else was able to enjoy some good food and drink as well :)

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Lovermore said...

Happy belated Easter!!!