Wednesday, February 6, 2008

would only snack in white and cream

DSCN6373, originally uploaded by samcotterill.

Today it was decided that snacks were to be in cream and white only.....i've been informed that tomorrow it will be orange. The boys are taking a little breather right now while I get ready to sew some more pie slices. My next task is to sew some strawberries and kiwi slices to adorn the cakes


Lovermore said...

More great photos. Your photographs are fantastic! Still waiting to hear what felt cakes and pies are!

samantha cotterill said...

I was waiting for you to comment again....where have you been? :) Thanks for liking the photos...I think Aidan was getting upset because he had to wait to eat before I snapped the photo.
and isn't it obvious I am making stuffed pretend felt food? your a dad should be in the know on these things.

Lovermore said...

Our little guy isn't quite ready for pretend food yet because he's not eating solid food yet! I guess I could make him a felt boob! Ha!