Tuesday, February 5, 2008

time to play outside

DSCN6214, originally uploaded by samcotterill.

Finally.....after what seems like ages cooped up in the house, we were finally able to venture outside and play. After racing each other on the driveway, an hour was spent searching for pinecones and then hurling them into a big puddle. You could hear the sounds of birds in the distance, and it just made me so anxious for the warmer weather to arrive. I can't wait to put our side fence up so that my friend can come over and we can let our little ones run around like crazy while we sit and drink coffee(or wine??)
I am writing this blog as I try my fifth attempt at sewing a felt cake. It's starting to look more like a cake now and less like a cabbage..so that must be a good sign! My "plan" is to get a bunch of these felt creations made to sell in the summer (in addition to working on my book and fixing up the house....ummmm.....must be my ADD working at full gear....we shall see what actually happens)


Lovermore said...

Hi Sam, another great picture! What the heck is a felt cake?

Lori said...

Glad you joined blog world. Tech question- How do you insert a picture into every post? I can't figure that one out.

Say hi to the gang from us.