Saturday, February 9, 2008

just because.....

DSCN6197, originally uploaded by samcotterill.

I just thought i'd post this picture for the sole reason that it always makes me stop and stare and it for awhile. There is something about A's expression and the overall green color of the photo.
Well, it is 5:30am now and I am sitting alongside the little guy who decided it was time to get up for the day ...he somehow didn't pick up my telepathic signals that it was still nightime. darn..... Oh well, we are now hiding downstairs in hopes that A doesn't here us and will continue to sleep. I cut out 10 patterns for my felt cakes last night (Scott, isn't it obvious felt cakes are fabric stiched stuffed pretend food? c'mon...your a dad need to be up on all this stuff! ) Hopefully I can get a bunch stiched together during nap time today

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Lovermore said...

Cool, I can envision the felt cakes now. Wasn't quite sure, but it all makes sense now. Be sure to take some pictures of the finished product. Can't wait to see them. Again, very cool photographs. I love them!