Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pirates, Pirates, and more Pirates

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It's official....I've been informed that dinosaurs are no longer fun to play with. (yes, I reacted with some shock) It seems pirates and superheroes have taken over and the dinosaurs have been tucked away on the shelf. Now instead of playing meat-eater vs. plant-eater all day, I have added "arrrr" to my vocabulary and am constantly looking for treasure. (I am still trying to get used to playing this way....a bit different from when my sister and I used to spend the day having Ken and Barbie make-out with each other.....) Anyway, the boys are playing by themselves in the living room and I thought I'd used this rare moment to write in the blog. Life with the boys seems to be getting harder again, as little M is getting even more assertive with his brother. Yeah they play, but a mere 5 seconds into it there is always screaming and yelling. A can't even peacefully draw at the table without M coming over to purposefully poke him in the head....it's getting a bit tiring as I am always rushing to some sort of "emergency" or another. Hopefully this is a temporary craziness before the total independent play with each other begins (fingers crossed)
I have started working on my children's book again, and am hoping to get some distance on the project in the next month or so. Painting is starting to happen more regularly, and I will hopefully be posting some work next week.

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